Limited time offer!

Thank you to everyone for the compliments on the new website.  Things are moving along nicely in the shop.  Lots of repair work recently, which is great.  Keep it coming!  Headstock inlays are all done on the new batch of Andromedas, as well as a very cool new fretboard design, which you will see soon.  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for a sneak peek and some headstock pics.  I'm also (slowly) working on plans for an archtop version of the Andromeda!

So, here's the real of July 1st, I will be RAISING PRICES all across the board.  As I'm sure you're aware, $1399 as a starting price is an absolute steal.  I take pride in the amount of care and time it takes to build an instrument, and in order to continue to bring you these one a kind guitars, I need to make some money.  I've been very fortunate to have such good customers and I want to thank you all for your business.  This is a tough industry, and one in which many people never make a living.  I still work a part-time job, but I spend more time than ever building guitars.  This price increase will help me focus more of my attention on building you your dream instrument.  It will also allow me to expand my shop and buy new equipment.  

There's never been a better time to order.  Please be assured that the new pricing scheme will still be a bargain.  And remember, it doesn't cost any money to meet with me and discuss options.  All price quotes given before July will be honored for an additional three months, so please come talk to me!